Children’s Art Competition

2021 children's art competition, a very colourful watercolour painting of an insect

Our mission is to protect, promote and enhance the Hertfordshire countryside for everyone to value and enjoy.

To help young children and their families connect with the countryside and perhaps think about it in a different way, we run an annual Children’s Art Competition. We set a different environmental or nature-related theme each year and invite all primary school aged children throughout the county to enter and to express themselves through art.

Our annual Children’s Art Competition encourages children to engage with the natural environment around them. Each year the competition is open to all primary school children in Hertfordshire. Prizes include £500 in vouchers for the Overall Winning School.

The benefits of young people engaging with the countryside have never been more important:

  • Children’s mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing are improved by being in nature and looking at nature.
  • Art and nature are likely to have a part to play somewhere on each School’s Development Plans.
  • The countryside and nature bring topics to life across many aspects of the primary school curriculum.
  • Appreciation of and connecting with nature is key within the teaching of climate change awareness.
  • Art is an inspiring media for engaging with many children and has numerous known emotional, physical, cognitive and learning benefits.

For all of these reasons we hope that as many primary schools as possible will take part in our Children’s Art Competition. We are also delighted to receive art direct from individual children if their school decides not to participate.

We’re pleased to feature the winning artworks from our Children’s Art Competitions in 2021 and in 2020 in the videos directly below. We’ll be launching our 2022 Children’s Art Competition in the autumn.


Children's Art Competition 2021

The theme for 2021 was 'The Colour of Nature'.


Children's Art Competition 2020

The original theme for 2020 was 'My Favourite Walk in Hertfordshire'; when we entered the pandemic lockdown a second theme was then added 'What I Can See Through My Window'.