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Our vision

Our vision

A beautiful and thriving countryside that enriches all our lives.

Our mission

To protect, promote and enhance the Hertfordshire countryside for everyone to value and enjoy.

Our charity works to

  • Support communities to have their say on developments and changes in Hertfordshire.
  • Protect Hertfordshire’s Green Belt and the wider countryside from inappropriate development.
  • Promote the benefits of the countryside and our natural environment to everyone, wherever they live.
  • Work with local government, community groups and other organisations to promote planning policies that make the best use of land.
  • Advocate for Hertfordshire’s designated areas including the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Broxbourne Woods National Nature Reserve and the Chilterns Beechwoods Special Areas of Conservation.
  • Raise awareness of the Hertfordshire countryside as a vital space for health and wellbeing.
  • Encourage care of our chalk streams, woodlands, fields and hedgerows to help protect landscapes and wildlife.
  • Call for homes that local people can afford to be built in the right places across the county.
  • Recognise local groups and individuals that work to improve their environment and their communities.
  • Advocate for action to mitigate the climate emergency so as to protect the Hertfordshire countryside and the wider environment both now and in the future.