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Roselands Primary School – overall winner in our Children’s Art Competition

29th June 2023

Our Trustee Terry Over had a really enjoyable visit to Roselands Primary School, Hoddesdon – the overall winner of the CPRE Hertfordshire Children’s Art Competition 2022 – to present certificates for their success and to learn how they weave the arts and the environment into their school curriculum and events.

Like many of our primary schools, Roselands recognises the positive impact that art plays in the development and well-being of all young people. The corridors are lined with pupils’ artwork of varied media, and the buildings nestle beautifully within a surrounding landscape of trees, hedgerows and other planted areas, so outdoor learning plays an important part in the everyday life of the school.

All three hundred and thirty pupils across all years participated in creative workshops on this year’s theme of “Hedgerows Up Close”.  Each class selected their preferred artworks to go forward to a gallery in the hall. From there, all pupils democratically voted on their favourites to be submitted as the final competition entrants; these can be seen in the gallery below. What a fantastic way to engage the entire school.

The certificates were presented during a whole school assembly and the children’s engagement with the countryside, and the natural environment, was revealed in their answers to the question “Why are Hedgerows important”. Enthusiastic raised hands were followed by knowledgeable responses that included:

“they capture carbon and give us oxygen”,

“lots of birds and animals make their nests and homes in hedgerows”,

“hedgerows provide food for animals and us”,

“bees and other pollinators use them”,

“they are good for the environment”.

The teachers expressed their appreciation for the opportunity that the CPRE Hertfordshire Children’s Art Competition gives with regards to engaging with the outdoors and the stimulation of art.

And all of us here at the charity are proud to play our part with this amazing tool for promoting our beautiful Hertfordshire countryside to young children.

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children's art, a vibrant and colourful image showing four seasons of a hedgerow
Year 5, Evie