54,537 new homes proposed on Herts’ Green Belt

18th July 2021

A recent review by CPRE Hertfordshire found that 54,537 new homes were proposed on land in Hertfordshire’s Green Belt.

  • In addition, over 17,500 have been approved or are already being built on land recently removed from the Green Belt as part of the local plan process.
  • CPRE research nationally has found that new homes being built on former Green Belt are not solving the housing crisis. Of 17,698 homes completed in England between 2015/16 and 2019/20 only just over 10% (1,786) were affordable.
  • There is a growing disconnect between recent Government statements and the application of planning policy at local level by councils and planning inspectors.

We are calling on the Government to issue clear guidance to local authorities that the protection of the countryside is more important than meeting pre-determined housing targets.

Read the review by CPRE Herts (PDF).

The Green Belt near Kings Langley Elizabeth Hamilton