A petition to regulate the loss of farmland to solar

13th February 2022

We’re pleased to add our support for this petition, calling for a policy to avoid losing a critical mass of productive agricultural land and undermining the UK’s food security.

There are at least seven industrial-scale ground-mounted solar farms proposed in Hertfordshire. All are proposed for productive agricultural land. If these are built, they would take nearly 1000 acres (388 hectares) of cropland out of food production. We’re increasingly concerned about this possible loss of local agricultural land.

The petition makes the point that agricultural land is a finite resource, and there is an inherent policy conflict where the government seeks to protect and enhance domestic production to maintain the UK’s food security, and at the same time encourages the growth of renewable energy production.

The petition calls on the government to resolve this policy conflict and ensure new ground-mounted solar installations are subject to increased regulation, so they don’t undermine UK food security which could result in increasing food costs.

Click on the link below to see a map showing how many people in each parliamentary constituency have already signed the petition.  And please add your signature to the petition today!


Lush green crops with woodland in the distance and a blue sky overhead
A portion of the proposed Pelham Spring / Battles Wood Solar Farm development site Jonathan Russell