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The Happy Hedgerow, by Elena Mannion

We are tremendously grateful to Elena Mannion, locally-based author of The Happy Hedgerow, for donating copies of her widely-acclaimed children’s book to help support CPRE Hertfordshire with our fundraising.

Suitable for young children aged from four, the book is a perfect read-aloud story with a strong conservation theme. The beautiful illustrations by Erin Brown vividly depict many of the species found in and around hedges and the colours of the changing seasons.

The book is a high quality hardcover, original edition, published in September 2021. This is the perfect gift for young children or grandchildren.

We are selling copies of The Happy Hedgerow at the regular retail price of £10.99, plus £3 packaging and postage per total merchandise order. All proceeds help fund our work to protect, promote and enhance the Hertfordshire countryside for everyone’s benefit.

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