Hertsmere Draft Local Plan public consultation – our initial review

18th October 2021

Hertsmere Borough Council is conducting a public consultation on its new Draft Local Plan. If the Plan goes ahead, we estimate a massive 1025 hectares of Green Belt land will be lost to development. It’s vital that as many local people respond as possible. To help people to develop their response, our planning specialists and volunteers have completed an initial review and site analysis, available here.  We will publish a more detailed report in November, well before the consultation closing date of 6th December, which can also be used to support your response.

We believe that Local Plans are best developed using an integrated approach that puts climate change, biodiversity, well-being and social inclusion at the centre of the plan. We also believe our countryside is precious and finite, and should not be lost to development unnecessarily. More new homes are needed, especially truly affordable homes for local people and key workers. But there is plenty of scope to use previously developed land (‘brownfield’) and take advantage of the changes taking place in town centres, working practices and elsewhere to address this need.

We have significant concerns about the Hertsmere Draft Local Plan “Planning for Growth”. We’ve categorised our concerns under the following headings –

Emphasis on economic growth at the expense of nature and the environment

Lack of protection of Green Belt as a Strategic Objective for the Plan

Overprovision of housing based on out-of-date data

Failure to address climate change

Underestimation of the opportunities for regeneration and reuse of previously developed land

You can read more about each of our concerns in these areas in our initial review document available here.

The consultation documents can be viewed at https://www.hertsmerelocalplan.com/site/homePage

We hope all local people and communities in Hertsmere will respond to the consultation and have your say about the proposals.

a former golf course, this is a beautiful landscape in the Green Belt with green grass and lots of trees
500 dwellings are proposed for the former Potters Bar Golf Course in the Green Belt Ian Stewart