Halt harmful housing with new environmental planning law

4th January 2022

Sign the petition calling for the Government to create a strong new environmental planning law to stop volume house building on greenfield countryside sites.

We’re pleased to see activists standing up for the countryside. And we think this petition is worthy of support, calling on the Government “to end the continuous mass destruction of the countryside from huge building developments. By creating a new planning law that will outlaw building more harmful housing. We don’t need any more executive houses, we need green homes in the right places… ”

The petition calls for changes to the National Planning Policy Framework and, from 2022, for all planning applications (including the 1 million banked planning permissions) to be subject to the following new environmental legal policies:

  1. End housing targets – annual local review of community-council homes only.
  2. All new homes to be fully green and sustainable – in build, location and numbers.
  3. Brownfield planning permissions only – there is space for 1.32 million homes on brownfield land.
  4. Green retrofit all empty homes and buildings and prioritise for green community homes.
  5. Make covenant to protect farmland, trees and hedging, AONBs and SSSIs in perpetuity.
  6. Switch VAT – none to build on brownfield sites.
  7. Tax out agricultural land sales change of use, volume house builders, and asset investment of new build houses.
  8. Financially support farmers to keep farming in an environmentally sustainable way.

Sign the petition now: www.change.org/p/westminster-halt-harmful-housing-with-new-environmental-planning-law-no-more-greenfields-building


Car-dependent 'executive housing' being built on Green Belt land Eliza Hermann