Are you involved with an organisation which is looking for interesting and informative talks about Hertfordshire’s countryside?

We offer talks on a variety of topics. These include illustrated accounts of walking the Hertfordshire Way and the Lea Valley Walk featuring history, buildings and wildlife as well as landscapes. Other topics include climate change and what each of us can do to help reduce the country’s carbon emissions, and how the planning system and the work of CPRE have helped to protect the Hertfordshire countryside which we all enjoy today.

One of our speakers has a special interest in the county’s wildlife and is happy to share photographs of the many species which visit her garden, and explain how it is managed with wildlife in mind. Our final offer is a tour of the county’s historic parish churches, which display a variety of architectural styles, incorporate numerous types of building materials in their structures and contain some of the oldest artefacts in Hertfordshire.

We can adjust the length of any talk to suit the requirements of your meeting. Normally the talks are illustrated with powerpoint slides and our speakers can bring a projector. A screen or white wall available in your meeting place is helpful but we can provide one if needed. The fee for our talks is normally £100 which helps to support CPRE’s work in the county. If you have a small membership we can reduce this amount on request.

We can also offer talks via Zoom.

For more information contact