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Local places to visit near Watford

Watford is known as a bustling urban area, but there are green spaces, nature and countryside within and nearby for all to enjoy.

As with all our ‘local places to visit’ these are free and open all year round.

Cassiobury Park Local Nature Reserve

This is a 25 hectare nature reserve located in the southwestern portion of the park. It is a haven for wildlife with wet habitats that were once shallow watercress beds and are now marshlands surrounded by woodland of alder and willow. These provide good cover and nesting sites for birds. There are also grassland areas where birds such as goldfinch and greenfinch feed on the seedheads of thistles and teasels. The reserve has some wheelchair accessible paths.  Find out more about Cassiobury Park Local Nature Reserve.

Whippendell Wood

This ancient woodland is also a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest. There are a wide variety of native tree species including oak, beech, ash, birch, cherry, hawthorn, hazel, holly and hornbeam. Located on the northern edge of Watford, it covers 70 hectares. There is an extensive footpath network and the bluebells in late spring are particularly impressive.  Read more about Whippendell Wood.

The River Gade in Cassiobury Park Local Nature Reserve Eliza Hermann