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Paul Munns - CPRE Hertfordshire
Paul Munns

Paul Munns

CPRE Hertfordshire welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Herts Eastern Area GTP and the measures to encourage sustainable travel. We are concerned however that the document aligns with
the objectives of the approved Local Transport Plan 2018 (LTP) when we believe that it should seek more broad ranging objectives relating to climate change and the new policy agenda rather than
appearing to believe that we can build our way out of traffic congestion.

Thursday, 15 April 2021 11:29

CPRE Hertfordshire Spring 2021 Newsletter

We are pleased to publish our latest newsletter "Spring 2021" available as a download. Please enjoy reading our latest news and we would appreciate any feedback to enable us to improve this newsletter. 



CPRE Herts comments on neighbourhood plans

CPRE Hertfordshire is pleased to respond to the consultation on the Herts Active Travel Fund, and
makes the following comments.

CPRE Hertfordshire considers that the draft Plan is not a sound basis for the preparation of a formal
pre-submission Local Plan, because of deficiencies in the evidence base put forward by the Council.
In particular, key documents relied on by the Council for the conclusions set out in the draft Plan, the
Herts Waste Capacity Gap Report (CGR) and redundant regional planning policy documents, are not
a reliable and robust basis for a new Plan.

Thursday, 11 February 2021 18:54

Luton airport increase in passenger numbers

“Luton Airport has asked its owner, Luton Borough Council(LBC), for permission to increase passenger numbers and to relax conditions, that the airport has not achieved, limiting on aircraft noise.  If you do not want more aircraft noise or think that we should all fly less, please take a look at our response and join us in asking LBC to say no”.


The closing date for comments to Luton Council is 17th February.

21/00031/VARCON | Variation of Conditions 8 (passenger throughput cap), 10 (noise contours), 22 (car parking management), 24 (travel plan) and 28 (approved plans and documents) to Planning Permission 15/00950/VARCON (dated 13th October 2017) to accommodate 19 million passengers per annum and to amend the day and night noise contours. | London Luton Airport Airport Way Luton


Saturday, 06 February 2021 11:52

Chemicals down the Drain

I remember a light bulb moment a few years ago when my children were younger; “Keep out of reach of children” was the warning on the laundry detergent. So, if it is not great for our children why are we washing the clothes they are going to wear in it and then sending the rinsed water down the drain to the rivers and the sea?

We have responded to a consultation on the Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy.   We support strongly this initiative as a start on the vital task of combatting climate change and meeting the legal requirement for the UK to be carbon net neutral by 2050. In our response we have set out our view on the additional measures that must be taken.

Our response can be downloaded from this post.”

Attached to this post is a pdf file of an email that we sent to Dacorum Councillors and County Councillors regarding the DLP

CPRE Hertfordshire welcomed Welwyn Hatfield Borough’s recent consultation on its proposed Climate Change Strategy as a positive step.  But we believe it needs to go much further.  A credible carbon reduction strategy needs to aim for net zero emissions as soon as possible.  It should value the countryside and be aligned with a land use planning and transport strategy that emphasises regeneration, walkable neighbourhoods, low car dependency and traffic reduction.  We would like the strategy to more clearly acknowledge the valuable role of the countryside as a carbon sequester, which aligns with other biodiversity goals.  The countryside must not be seen simply as a convenient repository for excess housing demand

Download our full consultation response here.

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