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Local Plan Responses

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Image: Northeast of Baldock by Eliza Hermann

CPRE Hertfordshire responds to many Local Plan consultations with the aim of standing up for Hertfordshire's countryside. You can view our responses (alphabetical, chronological) to District Plan consultations hereThere are ten District Councils in Hertfordshire: Broxbourne, Dacorum, East Hertfordshire, Hertsmere, North Hertfordshire, St Albans, Stevenage, Three Rivers, Watford and Welwyn Hatfield.





  • Visit your Council’s website to learn more about the details of the Plan and the consultation timetable and closing date.
  • Contact your Parish/Town Council and attend any local meetings about the Plan.
  • Find out if there is a local campaign or residents’ group working on a response to the Plan.
  • Raise your concerns with your District Councillor(s) and MP.
  • Visit our website to see examples of our responses to other Local Plan consultations in Hertfordshire. Examples of Local Plan Responses
  • See NALC/CPRE leaflet Planning Explained to find out more about the Local plan process.
  • Email us with your views so that we can consider including them in our response to the Council – we would need your comments ideally 2 weeks before the consultation closing date.
  • Respond to the Council’s consultation and send us a copy.
  • Encourage others in your area to respond to the consultation.
  • Join CPRE Hertfordshire or make a donation – the more members we have, the more influence we can have. As a charity we rely on membership subscriptions/donations and fundraising for all our work.

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CPRE Hertfordshire Planning Team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.          Nov 2020

Broxbourne Local Plan Main Modification and Pre-Submission  Consultation


Please see below the comments of Campaign to Protect Rural England Hertfordshire, referred to below as CPRE, on the Consultation Draft Plan

Attached to this post is a pdf file of an email that we sent to Dacorum Councillors and County Councillors regarding the DLP


Proposed Dacorum Local Plan has unnecessarily high impact on the Green Belt

We need to protect our countryside from inappropriate development and ensure that it is managed efficiently for the benefit of all of us.

Dacorum Borough Council (DBC) is currently holding a public consultation on their proposed Local Plan, titled “Emerging Strategy for Growth 2020 – 2038”.  If adopted, this plan will result in the destruction of 850 hectares of Hertfordshire Green Belt land and countryside for development, including a minimum of 16,596 new dwellings. CPRE Hertfordshire believes that the calculation of housing numbers is too high and that opportunities to recycle land that has already been developed have not been fully considered.

Our concerns are set out in detail in the attached document “CPRE Herts review of DBC Local Plan” and an overall assessment on the impact to the Green Belt is summarized in “CPRE Herts Impact Assessment – Dacorum Local Plan”.

We would encourage you to review this material and use it to help develop your response to the local plan. Your views need to be submitted by Sunday 28th February using one of the following;

  • An online and downloadable questionnaire https://consult.dacorum.gov.uk/kse
  • By post to:  Strategic Planning, Dacorum Borough Council. The Forum, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. HP1 1DN
  • By email to:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



CPRE Hertfordshire responses to Hertsmere Local Plan consultations are stored here

North Herts LP Examination - Main Modifications Consultation - Statements for March Hearings


North Herts Local Plan Modification and Additional Documents Consultations


CPRE Hertfordshire responses to North Herts Local Plan consultations are stored here

CPRE Hertsfordshire responses to St. Albans Local Plan consultations are stored here

CPRE Hertfordshire welcomed Welwyn Hatfield Borough’s recent consultation on its proposed Climate Change Strategy as a positive step.  But we believe it needs to go much further.  A credible carbon reduction strategy needs to aim for net zero emissions as soon as possible.  It should value the countryside and be aligned with a land use planning and transport strategy that emphasises regeneration, walkable neighbourhoods, low car dependency and traffic reduction.  We would like the strategy to more clearly acknowledge the valuable role of the countryside as a carbon sequester, which aligns with other biodiversity goals.  The countryside must not be seen simply as a convenient repository for excess housing demand

Download our full consultation response here.

This email is being sent to CPRE Hertfordshire Members and Supporters in Welwyn Hatfield and Neighbouring  Areas

PLEASE NOTE that the closing date for comments on the Draft Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan (Proposed Changes) consultation has been changed from 1st April to Friday 1st May at 5pm.


Please do copy us in on your responses at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Planning Team

CPRE Hertfordshire

CPRE Hertfordshire responses to Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan consultations are stored here

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