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Hertfordshire - Campaign to Protect Rural England

2014 CPRE Hertfordshire features in Hertfordshire Life

Tuesday, 16 January 2018 13:11

Read our features in Hertfordshire Life

Since January 2012 Hertfordshire Life magazine has featured a regular monthly article by CPRE Hertfordshire. Most of these are written by Elizabeth Hamilton. Elizabeth began by detailing the epic fundraising walk she undertook on our behalf. Elizabeth, her husband Ian, Eliza Hermann and Eliza's husband Mark Adams walked all 197 miles of the Hertfordshire Way. Click the links below for our Hertfordshire Life articles. To read the specific article, click on the page numbers in the tool bar, type in the page number you want and click on 'go'; alternatively, just 'turn' the pages till you get to the one you want):


December 2014, Tannenbaum to Christmas Tree (ps 80 - 81)

November 2014, Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness (ps 72 - 73)

October 2014, What's in a Place Name? (ps 80 - 81)

September 2014, Tilting at Windmills (ps 76 - 77)

August 2014, Never Such an Innocence Again (Berkhamsted First World War Training Camp) (ps 76 - 77)

July 2014, An Icon of Country Live (Hedgerows) (ps 74 - 75)

June 2014, The Path to the Country (ps 74 - 75)

May 2014, Shedding Light on Bluebells (ps 74 - 75)

April 2014, Opening up the Ver Valley (ps 74 - 75)

March 2014, The River that Saved London (The New River) (ps 78 - 79)

February 2014, Tales from the Towpath (The Grand Union Canal) (ps 72 - 73)

January 2014, A Journey into the Deep Past (The Icknield Way) (ps 72 - 73)



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