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Aviation volunteer

We monitor and respond to issues and proposals adversely impacting on the countryside throughout Hertfordshire. This includes threats to the environment from aviation, particularly air traffic and airport expansion.

We are now recruiting for a new part-time volunteer to join our Planning Team, reporting to our Planning Manager.

In this role you will be our charity’s “eyes and ears” with regard to aviation-related issues and threats to the countryside. Much of Hertfordshire is directly impacted by commercial aviation, particularly noise, air pollution, and loss of tranquillity resulting from air traffic at Luton and Stansted airports. The airplane stacking patterns for Heathrow and Northolt also impact on western Hertfordshire. We campaign against expansion of these airports, and we work through the planning system and with other local groups to mitigate harm to the countryside from air transport.

In this role, much of your activity will be self-directed and performed independently. The role is voluntary, home-based and highly flexible.

Time requirements for this role will fluctuate. We anticipate the time requirement may be approximately 2 – 3 hours per week on average, sometimes less, and sometimes more for example when analysing public consultation documents and preparing written submissions.

Some of this time could be evenings and weekends if desired, but we do require some weekday availability for occasional meetings and coordination with colleagues.

What will you be doing?

On behalf of CPRE Hertfordshire you will keep a watching brief on any aviation issues or proposals that may have an impact on Hertfordshire:

  • Regularly trawl and monitor local authority websites, various social media, traditional media, and national and local aviation related campaign groups (such as Aviation Environment Federation and AirportWatch) to quickly pick up items as they arise;
  • Build a collaborative volunteering relationship with colleagues at CPRE Bedfordshire, CPRE Essex, and other Local CPREs involved in aviation issues, to keep up to date, share learnings, and not reinvent any wheels;
  • Participate proactively in the CPRE Aviation network, summarising key insights after each meeting in an email to colleagues in CPRE Hertfordshire;
  • Flag up any issues and proposals, transmitting preliminary research or data as warranted;
  • Propose an appropriate CPRE Hertfordshire response or course of action for consideration, including drafting possible consultation responses, objection letters, and/or broader aviation related campaigning materials;
  • Draft written content about the relevant aviation issues for CPRE Hertfordshire publications, including website and social media, sometimes within a short timeframe.

What are we looking for?

No particular experience is required, but previous exposure to aviation issues and the planning system would be helpful.

However, you should have:

  • A keen and enthusiastic interest in aviation issues and a willingness to learn;
  • An interest in countryside, environmental and climate related issues;
  • Good written and verbal communication skills;
  • Good analytical skills and the ability to make sense of complex information;
  • Readily available access to a computer and the internet at home, and up-to-date computer skills including Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel;
  • Good attention to detail and be well-organised and reliable.

You must be able to commit to volunteering regularly, with the time availability to monitor the relevant media and other sources of information every week.

You should also be comfortable in carrying out tasks proactively and independently.

What difference will you make?

As our Aviation Volunteer you will be able to make a significant and direct contribution, identifying issues and proposals and helping formulate our campaigns to protect the countryside.

What’s in it for the volunteer?

  • Use your skills and experience to make a positive difference to the countryside
  • Have some variety from your regular work or routine
  • Meet like-minded people and enjoy being part of a team
  • Enhance your CV by developing new skills and gaining valuable experience
  • Get involved with events and workshops on a local and national level, including induction sessions, training, and the annual CPRE conference
  • The opportunity to learn about various issues facing the countryside, should you wish to become more involved in our work
  • We reimburse out-of-pocket expenses in line with our Volunteer Policy
  • We can give you a reference for your future work or volunteering

For more information or to apply please contact Eliza at

You may also wish to download this role profile for reference.

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