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Have Your Say ! Luton Airport Expansion Consultation Deadline 16th December 2019

CPRE Hertfordshire objects to this expansion. We have a climate emergency. It urges members and residents to say no to the proposals to grow Luton Airport from 18 to 32 million passengers per annum. The consultation runs to the 16th December 2019.  https://futureluton.llal.org.uk/ . CPRE Hertfordshire endorses the fact that people and organisations are questioning their need to fly more than ever, and that the alternatives to flying must be improved. As people vote with their feet the forecasts of air traffic growth are unsound as well as highly damaging.

CPRE Hertfordshire Honorary Director Kevin Fitzgerald says
‘It is nonsense to promote this as ‘sustainable growth’.

The strategy is flawed and totally at odds with national policy to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 to address long term climate change.

It will bring further huge damage to the surrounding countryside. London Luton Airport (LLA) needs to go back to the drawing board.’

The damage caused by the growth would include  
• Increased noise and air pollution by 103,000 additional flights every year, a 60% increase.
• Huge losses of open countryside and Wigmore public park as the site expands to the east 
• 7,750 additional parking spaces, road building and increased traffic.
• 1.3m tonnes of carbon emissions a year

The application submissions ignore the climate impacts; underestimate the adverse impacts of noise and traffic and overestimate the economic benefits.
CPRE Herts has no objection to ground level redevelopment per se or the provision of light rail links to improve the passenger experience or jobs provision at the site. However, it calls on LLA to commission a new competition of ideas to design a genuinely sustainable development of the site with a radical shift away from car dependency and further air traffic growth. A smarter ‘quality over quantity’ approach that aligns with national and international climate policy objectives*.

Such an approach could include:
• Redevelopment of airport brownfield land at density for mixed-use commercial and residential, including housing for airport staff and priority local needs.
• Road user and parking charges to deliver income streams to re-invest in sustainable transport.
• Reinvest airport income in light rail to link the airport, railway stations, town centre and Dunstable expressway
• A network of walking and cycling routes to the airport.
• Aim long term for all employees and passengers to arrive by sustainable transport with financial incentives, green travel plans, travel subsidies.
• Require flight operators to automatically price in public transport connections.
• A net zero carbon target for the site including renewable energy within buildings.
CPRE Hertfordshire will be making a more detailed final response to the application.

* UN - Paris Climate Agreement.  2015
* UK - Net Zero Emissions by 2050.



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