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Discover your Green Belt and share your stories

Green Belt in Hertfordshire Green Belt in Hertfordshire

Discover your Green Belt and share your stories

Green Belt is the countryside next door for at least 30 million people: 60% of the population. It provides a breath of fresh air near our towns and cities and a chance to enjoy and explore the countryside. Much of our food is also produced in the Green Belt, offering the choice of local produce.

CPRE helped get Green Belts established 60 years ago, as part of national planning policy. One of their main purposes is to prevent urban sprawl and stop our towns and cities merging into one another. Without the Green Belt, London could have absorbed Brighton, Cambridge and Reading by now – much like many American cities that sprawl for miles and miles. By preventing urban sprawl Green Belts also help to encourage urban regeneration.

There are 14 Green Belts covering 13% of England and surrounding most of our major towns and cities. We want to show politicians why we value Green Belt and how important it is to protect it. Developers are campaigning for hundreds of thousands of homes to be built in the Green Belt, often arguing it is wasteland that has no value for most people. So we've created a website, Our Green Belt, for people to tell us about the ways they enjoy the Green Belt and to share those stories with others. We hope it will inspire more people to explore their Green Belt and campaign for its protection.

We would love to hear your Green Belt stories - in words, photos or videos - the choice is yours.
Submit your story online. Find Green Belt near you on our map, tell us what #ourgreenbelt means to you, share your stories on our Green Belt website.

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