West of Stevenage, 1960s to today

Harvest in Langley, in the Green Belt just west of Stevenage Chris Howe

Expansion of Stevenage into the Green Belt west of the A1 was first proposed in the 1960s.

The concept surfaced again in the 1970s and again in 1996, when CPRE Hertfordshire helped to found the ‘Campaign Against Stevenage Expansion’ (CASE) and supported the group with technical advice.  Over 50 years from the time of the original development proposal the area continues to be farmed and remains undeveloped.

However, this may soon change.  A site immediately adjacent to the A1 was removed from the Green Belt via the previous Plan and was allocated for development in the new Adopted Local Plan 2019.  As of April 2021, a mixed use development proposal for up to 1500 houses is pending.