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Local Group Web Manager:Jo Simson - CPRE Hertfordshire
Local Group Web Manager:Jo Simson

Local Group Web Manager:Jo Simson

Friday, 14 June 2013 15:32

Children's Art Competition results

What’s your favourite place in the countryside?
That’s the question countryside campaigners CPRE Hertfordshire asked Hertfordshire primary schoolchildren for its Children’s art competition.

May 2013


Countryside Campaigners CPRE Hertfordshire are appalled at yet another threat to Hertfordshire’s precious Green Belt. The major housing, employment, retail and hotel development is being promoted on greenfield land at Hoddesdon. It would destroy a large area of Green Belt countryside, and undermine the Government’s National Planning Policies.

Kevin FitzGerald, CPRE Hertfordshire Honorary Director, stressed:
‘It seems that people wish to turn this once pleasant, country market town into a North London suburb by destroying the green fields which surround it.’

A massive ten thousand dwelling development would destroy a key area of Green Belt that prevents Harlow sprawling northwards into rural East Hertfordshire.

Increasing food production while protecting our natural resources is one of the biggest challenges we will face over the next fifteen years. We need to learn from the past and capitalise on recent successes. It is essential that Government, the farming industry and environmental organisations work together to ensure farming can provide us with the high quality food and countryside we depend on’. So begins CPRE’s Vision for the future of farming and where it will be in our centenary year 2026. The vision sets out goals:

  • livestock are kept in good welfare conditions
  • food produced to high environmental standards
  • the UK grows around 50% of all orchard fruit purchased
  • local food enterprises are thriving
  • there are fairer milk prices for dairy farmers
  • green farming schemes have made enormous advances
  • there is much better use of by-products from timber-processing

The vision also states how that vision will be achieved.

Saturday, 25 May 2013 09:17

Mapping Tranquillity in Hertfordshire

In 2007 CPRE commissioned researchers to create a highly detailed new approach to defining tranquillity. By using these findings to create a national tranquillity map, it is possible to assess the likelihood of finding tranquillity in any given locality.

Monday, 20 May 2013 15:34

Protecting our Green Belt

Look at a map of Hertfordshire and you may be surprised to see open countryside so close to London. This remarkable survival is thanks largely to the London (or Metropolitan) Green Belt. From its foundation in 1926 CPRE has campaigned to protect countryside from urban sprawl, but it took nearly 30 years to achieve the establishment of Green Belts as we know them today.

The main purposes of Green Belts are: to protect open countryside from the unrestricted spread of built-up areas; and to retain the separate identities and historic settings of villages, towns and cities. Within Green Belts agriculture, forestry and related uses are allowed, while opportunities for public access to open countryside, recreation and landscape and nature conservation are encouraged.

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