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Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan Consultation CPRE Herts comments

Monday, 14 November 2016 10:51

Green Belt Land in Cuffley Green Belt Land in Cuffley SCANGB

CPRE Hertfordshire responses to Welwyn / Hatfield Local Plan consultations are stored here

The Plan includes proposals to release of large swathes of Green Belt countryside to build over 6,000 new dwellings outside existing towns and villages. CPRE accepts that new homes are needed in the Borough but we are concerned at the high level of proposed housing development - over 12,000 homes in all for the period to 2032 - which we believe is not justified given the significance of Green Belt constraints which do not appear to have been taken into account when assessing overall housing targets, contrary to national planning policy set out in Para 14/footnote 9 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

Proposed housing sites include:

Brookmans Park – 174 dwellings
Cuffley – 286 dwellings
Little Heath – 135 dwellings
North East of Welwyn Garden City – 650 dwellings
North West of Hatfield – 1650 dwellings
South East of Welwyn Garden City – 1200 dwellings plus a further 1350 in neighbouring East Herts
South of Welwyn Garden City – 290 dwellings
Symonshyde north west of Hatfield – a new village of 1130 dwellings
Welham Green (Marshmoor) – a mixed use site of offices, research light industrial and 80 dwellings.
Welwyn – 67 dwellings
Woolmer Green – 150 dwellings

CPRE's representations are on the attachments below (total 21) 


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